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Monday August 22 2005 - News Release

An anonymous director reports


Pamerica Corp.'s Wanted Technologies Inc., an on-line data aggregator, will supply the Conference Board with information for the help-wanted on-line data series, a barometer of job advertising across the United States. The data series, released monthly, shows the overall hiring intentions in each of the nine national employment regions, as well as 52 metropolitan areas.

The data series is a count of on-line employment ad postings that are new and unduplicated each month. The series recently showed that in July, there were 1.33 new jobs advertised on-line for every 100 people in the U.S. labour force.

"Our software systems mine data in real time from a wide variety of websites, meticulously interpret that data and then formulate it into concise, easy-to-understand measurements," says David Tanguay, chief executive officer of Wanted Technologies. "We are excited to be an integral contributor to the on-line series and to be associated with the prestigious Conference Board organization."

While the Conference Board has published a help-wanted advertising index measuring job print ads in the country's major newspapers since 1951, the July debut of the on-line data series marks the first time the organization has released data on Internet job ads. The data, which includes postings from more than 1,200 job boards, media publications and niche employment sites, is collected and merged using Wanted's proprietary technology.

"The Conference Board has followed on-line job advertising activity for the last few years and we believe that Wanted Technologies' ability to extract new, unduplicated job ads gives a unique insight into this market, and, over time, may show the same correlation to movements in the business cycle that has proven true for decades in print ads in newspapers," said Gail Fosler, executive vice-president and chief economist at the Conference Board.

Steven McNair, vice-president at Wanted explains, "Our technology is constantly evolving. The on-line job market is vast and in a continuous state of flux. As new sources emerge, we develop the necessary tools to aggregate the data and deliver it in an accurate and actionable format."

The Conference Board's help-wanted on-line data series will be updated and released each month. The next index will be available on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005.

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